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PGY-2 Oncology Residency

PGY-2 oncology residents

Moffitt Cancer Center Pharmacy Residency Class of 2021-2022


Jonathan Aguilar Roa, PharmD
Jonathan Aguilar Roa, PharmD PGY-2 Oncology Pharmacy Resident

The Moffitt Cancer Center (MCC) Department of Pharmacy Specialty Oncology Pharmacy Practice Residency is a 12-month program developed to meet or exceed all practice standards established by the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP). This specialized, ASHP-accredited residency is designed to further develop the resident's clinical oncology skills. Specifically, the resident will be actively involved in managing the therapeutic decisions and clinical outcomes of cancer patients in an interdisciplinary environment.

Trace Bartels, PharmD
Trace Bartels, PharmD PGY-2 Oncology Pharmacy Resident

Since Moffitt’s first pharmacy resident completed training almost three decades ago, many Moffitt residents have obtained prominent roles in industry, academia, research, clinical and leadership positions across the country. At present, our program has obtained approval and funding for four oncology residency positions.

Sophia Gilardone, PharmD
Sophia Gilardone, PharmD PGY-2 Oncology Pharmacy Resident

Residents participate in all aspects of oncology pharmacy practice pertaining to clinical practice and outcomes, research, and education. MCC PGY-2 oncology residency program is divided predominantly into 2 or 4-week blocks that allow residents to focus on patient care in a variety of cancer subtypes. Several inpatient and ambulatory rotations are distributed over the year to allow for a comprehensive learning experience.

Ben Lee, PharmD
Ben Lee, PharmD PGY-2 Oncology Pharmacy Resident

Our program also allows for tailoring the experience to residents’ interest and learning needs by making several elective blocks available. This allows residents to choose electives such as Personalized Cancer Medicine Service, Senior Adult (SrAD) Ambulatory clinic, Immune Cell Therapy (ICE-T) etc. Clinical rotations are augmented with disease-specific Oncology Forums, Pharmacy Grand Rounds and Journal clubs.

Residents also gain experience in Infusion Center, Investigational Drug Services (IDS) and Central Pharmacy Operations. Periodic Administrative Oncology Forums provide residents with educational pearls on important topics including but not limited to, medication safety, budgeting, navigating drug shortages, patient assistance programs etc.

Taken together, this variety in experiences will prepare the resident to become a successful clinical pharmacist, leader and educator in oncology.

Anand Shah, PharmD, BCOP
Anand Shah, PharmD; PGY-2 Residency Program Director; Clinical Pharmacist Lead, Medical Oncology


It is essential for pharmacy graduates to obtain the specialized oncology knowledge base and clinical skills required to become competent in the pharmaceutical care of cancer patients.

Pharmacy residencies serve as one of the best modalities for pharmacy graduates to obtain specialized skills by providing the opportunity to apply and integrate pharmaceutical care principles in the care of cancer patients under the close supervision of a preceptor.

Our residency is designed to instill a philosophy of practice that embraces the concept of pharmacists being responsible and accountable for pursuing optimal drug therapy outcomes in the provision of oncology pharmaceutical care.







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